Mothercare “WorkZone are excellent”

“WorkZone are excellent - they really understand our challenges and do an excellent job.” Charles Creighton, Regional Manager

We recently received a glowing report from Mothercare

Mothercare have 252 stores in the UK and in addition to the Mothercare brand we also carry a range of other brands.

Whilst we are looking for people who are friendly and confident, we don't like hard selling, but at the same time we are a business..

Our ethos is for customers to receive service from knowledgeable staff, have a positive experience and find what they are looking for. Our aim is to build a strong customer base and following.

We have specific challanges and WorkZone really understand these challenges and the type of candidates we need. They do an excellent screening job and only put forward suitable candidates. They are flexible and work with the same pace and passion that we do. They do an excellent job.

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